Monday, October 13, 2014

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Current Drone Law - Drone Zone
To most people, the word drone connotes a weapon of war. In part because every article you read and every television story you inevitably display this photo of a military drone. While the word drone finds its roots in the military, (where they were originally used for target practice), in reality a drone is any of a number of types of unmanned flying craft— some used in warfare, others used for pleasure or profit. For the purposes of this website, the word drone refers to the remote-controlled model aircraft variety, (“RCMA”), and nothing else.

MosaicMill releases EnsoMOSAIC Cropdrone UAS for agriculture mapping!

MosaicMill Ltd., developer of EnsoMOSAIC aerial survey tools, has released integrated UAS for precision agriculture. The system includes a quadcopter by Videodrone, calibrated NDVI camera and EnsoMOSAIC UAV orthomosaicking software. Videodrone is fully autonomous with Google Earth based flight planning.